A Correct and Definitive Egg List

With the end of 2021 behind us and the quickly escalating pandemic on our heels, I know what you’re thinking; what exactly are Faberge Eggs and which are the prettiest? Well you’re in luck. Inspired by a tweet by @grnpointer, I have compiled a list of the 48 known Imperial Eggs. While I respect @grnpointer’sContinue reading “A Correct and Definitive Egg List”

Rebellious Puskin

Rebellious Pushkin Pushkin’s novel “The Captain’s Daughter” effectively explores duality throughout his history of the Pugachev Rebellion. The duality present in the prose and character development also enable the reader to understand the duality present in society between the aristocracy and the peasantry. His decision to defy the censorship of the rebellion and go againstContinue reading “Rebellious Puskin”