My Quarantine Hobbies

I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time at home. Even though I grew up in this house, these past several months have felt just as long as the first 18 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love being home and I’m incredibly privileged to be able to work from a distance, but I found myself having an excess of free time despite my best efforts. So without further ado, here’s the definitive ranking of the hobbies I’ve picked up during quarantine.

Mead making 6/10

I didn’t understand the process before I started, brewed it WAY too strong, easily 3x as strong as it should be. I had to keep explaining to my mom what the brown stuff was in the linen closet.

Archery 8/10

Have you ever whipped your double-jointed arm with a 40-pound draw? Yeah, me neither. It definitely didn’t burst a blood vessel. I’ve hit bullseye on the target at least twice but caused my neighbor make a suspicious phone call. She was obviously reporting me as a weapon of mass destruction to the FBI.

Astronomy 10/10

I had a run in with a pack of coyotes at a construction site whule trying to spot a comet, but it was worth it. The best place to contemplate mortality and our insignificance in the universe is alone in the darkness surrounded by infinity.

Hiking 7/10

Gotta stay in shape even though the world is in shambles. Saw some cool bugs but this lost major points for being summer in Texas. Also for the time I slid down a 10 foot long granite rock to avoid falling into caves. Or off the mountain.

Learning the Newsies dance from Seize the Day 5/10

Turns out I’m still very flexible and good at jumping, but the cartwheel did NOT go well.

Eating a Ghost Pepper 8/10

Listen, it wasn’t that bad. It honestly wasn’t spicy at all, it was just pain. After about 10 minutes, the burning piece of charcoal in my throat subsided and I was left with the pleasant normal burn of Tabasco. Milk and ice cream were must haves, bread did a lot for me as well. Bucket list item #119 was successfully crossed off.

Typewriter 9/10

I bought a 1934 typewriter that I use to write cryptic letters to my friends. Changing the ribbon was a mess but I love feeling like Lemony Snicket at every opportunity. Also, support the USPS.

Animal crossing 9/10

Obviously a great time, but my wrist was sore for a week from holding my Switch. Remember to socially distance digitally too. Just because my island is called Coronia, doesn’t mean it has to turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.

Jump rope 4/10

Exercise is always good but I’ll never be Brooke Wyndham.

Blacksmithing 10/10

Dad wouldn’t forge a sword in the backyard with me, so I decided to make a knife out of spite. Haven’t bought the materials yet but watch out dad.

Botany 1/10

I’ve killed every plant I’ve tried to propagate, but I have an app that identifies the weeds growing in my backyard so not a total loss.

Reading War and Peace 3/10

This is a bucket list item I’m working on. It’s slow going but I’m proud that I’m actually doing it.

So anyways, please remember that just because you can go out, doesn’t mean you should. Masks are necessary to prevent the spread, and don’t trust politicians to do a physician’s job. Stick it to the man and always do good by your neighbor. Please don’t make me be the one to explain why we should care about each other.

There’s so much to do at home if you just look around, stay home, stay safe, and stay entertained!

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